Spice tours

Spices are best described as the dried parts of aromatic plants whose qualities are perceived through smell and taste. As well as their more obvious functions in flavouring food, spices have a profound effect on health, affecting many functional processes of the body. Because they act as anti-oxidants, they are essential in the preservation of foods.

Clove buds

During your tour at “spice solution plantations”. Here you can see, touch a wide variety of spices such as vanilla, papers, nutmeg, ginger, curcuma, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and other many important spices while they are fresh on their plants, fruits, herbs and ornamental plants and flowers. You will also have the opportunity to, smell, and savour fruits and spices which you have probably never seen on the supermarket shelf, Cloves, star fruit, tangerine trees, lemon grass, mangos teen, ‘lipstick trees’, to name but a few what you can expect to see!

This is the cheapest place to buy locally made perfumes and oils.
Note that: The spice rice for lunch is option.