Stone Town tour

We have developed the city tour to let you explore the beauty of Zanzibar Stone town so as   to make you familiar with one of the world heritage found in Zanzibar which is Zanzibar Stone town. The city has got a very brilliant history basing on slave trade as it was the biggest market place for East Africa. The history of ARABS relating to all East African Countries, Dr. LIVING STONE, FREDY MARCURY are full of evidences.

It is a three-hour tour which begins at your hotel or entry point where you walk and driven around the historic old city. Our first visit during this tour starts at the fruit market which was opened in 1904. Here you will see and buy a variety of the tropical fruits and spices. This is the best place where you will feel multiculturalism of Zanzibar consisting of the residents of different origin. You will then proceed to the Anglican Cathedral at Mkunazini built in 1873 on the site of the former slave market. The guide will also show you the place where is believed that slaves were kept before auctioned. The crucifix of the Church came from the tree in Chitambo under which the heart of Dr. Livingstone was buried. From here the next stop is the National Museums of Zanzibar commonly called Peace Memorial Museums.

A guided walk through this colorful and alternating city with tour knowledgeable tour guides, who knows not only funny of Stone town, but also cruel stories to tell about life of the old times in Stone town.